Monday, February 9, 2015

OnePlus One CM11S O5Q OTA Update!

Today OnePlus published the latest OTA CM 11S update named 05Q. It will start rolling out in a few hours, but there should be link to ZIP file earlier. I will publish it as soon, as I get it, then you can update your device manually.

New update is packed with new features and fixes to some known issues. You will see that there are improvements to BlueDroid, an updated configuration for NFC, updated media codecs (as well as enabled WMA DSP and AAC codecs), and a few security fixes. Furthermore, SwiftKey and MaxxAudio by Waves, which have always been a OnePlus staffer favorites when it comes to keyboards and sound performance, are now an integrated to the OnePlus experience with this update.

There are some updates to camera app too, there are now three video focus options: auto, continuous, and infinity. Other things that were added include regulatory information, audio output latency optimization, LED overlays, and an ANT+ library. Below you can find full list of changes.

You can find link to ZIP file with OTA here, if you have stock CM11S, there should be no problem to update it like in my video.